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Loudoun Watershed

Learn about streams and groundwater in Loudoun County, Virginia



Miles of Perennial Streams that are always flowing



Major Watersheds, some shared with our neighboring counties



Private groundwater wells

What you need to understand about water in the County 

Stream Health

With growth and development comes the negative impacts to Loudoun County streams.  For several decades we have watched stream health and conditions near the streams deteriorate. Every 2 years the state government assesses stream health and submits a "list" of those stream reaches which do not meet water quality standards. The Environmental Protection Agency then categorizes the list of impairments and determines if further action (TMDL) is required.

Limited Groundwater Supply

Geographically more than half of Loudoun County is served by groundwater, which is a limited supply.  Should we experience a severe drought such in 1930s, many, many wells will go dry and drilling deeper is not a solution in the fractured rock system in western Loudoun County.

Water Knowledge

Use this web site to learn more about water resources in Loudoun County. The purpose of this web site is knowledge because with knowedge we develop in-depth understanding of our limited water resources.  The goal is to raise awareness with all residents in the County, and in turn, we will all make decisions in our daily lives with best available information. 

How Do I Use This Website?

The site is designed to engage and expose various aspects of water in Loudoun County starting with the simple concepts and leading to detailed data and maps.  

You may already know a great deal about the aquatic resources, but if you spend the time you will discover new facts and maybe a little history about water in Loudoun County.  We also encourage you to submit your information and stories and we will work to incorporate this.  

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