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About Us

"About Us" is really about all of you, the residents in Loudoun County.  The effort to create and maintain this information source continues as a collaboration of persons and organizations who welcome contributions from all readers.

Our waters are unique and essential to our health and enjoyment.   
Let’s learn about water resources and understand  the human relationship that we have with our water.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and inform residents about surface and groundwater in Loudoun County.  

We do not advocate for anything other than converying knowledge and understanding of Loudoun County's natural aquatic resources.

Our Vision

We envision a County where residents are well informed about the natural environment, where water is located (streams and underground), how it is used and moved throughout the County and the impacts caused by all land owners and businesses. 

Our History

Loudoun Watershed is derived mainly from Loudoun Watershed Watch,.  The predecessor organization was a consortium of citizen groups, NGO and government entities which were primarily focused on stream monitoring.

Around 2000, there were several groups using different monitoring methods and the areas covered occasionally overlapped.  There was a need for improved communications. Through a non-binding MOU, the groups worked for over 2 decades which a shared vision.  Through the years participation varied as with any voluntary effort.  

In the file you can find many of the reports and data assessments reported by citizen scientist and County government. Loudoun Water has committed to ensure legacy data and report will be perpetually archived.

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